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  • What are Star Bolts?

    You may have noticed metal stars or star bolts on buildings in the Philadelphia area. These stars are not decoration but are actually the protruding ends of objects called tie rods. The rods are used to secure brick walls to the floor support beams in some Philadelphia row homes.

    Why are star bolts needed for many old Philadelphia row homes?

    Sometimes masonry walls can bow outward and depending on the severity and cause of the movement the walls can often be stabilized for less cost than rebuilding the wall. When stabilizing the wall, we use tie rods that secure the wall to the floor joists. This type of repair is referred to as Star Bolts because the bolts used on the outside of the house are shaped like stars.

    Get Professional Star bolt installation in the Philadelphia area.

    MCG Construction has installed many star bolts on homes in the Philadelphia area. If your masonry walls are bowing outward and you are looking for an expert star bolt installer in the Philadelphia area, give us a call at 215-380-1572.