• MCG Construction Inc. is a licensed general contractor specializing in repair issues related to the foundation of your home/business, slopes, retaining walls and other structural elements. Our highly trained, skilled professional foundation repair experts know how to solve problems of any size — from repairing a small crack to installing a solid new retaining wall.

    When a home’s foundation begins to fail, the first signs are typically the appearance of cracks in the block or retaining walls. A foundation crack is rarely cosmetic. In fact, if you see any cracks in your basement walls or foundation blocks, you may have serious foundation problems and you should call us immediately at 215-380-1572.

    What Causes Foundation Damage?

    • Lateral Pressure
    • Excess Water
    • Inadequate Wall Construction
  • Even though foundation problems can be quite serious, you may not know what to look for. If you want to take a look before calling us, here are some of the things you should take into consideration…

    • Is your home near a stream or lake? Or does the ground seem always feel damp days after it rains? Soil erosion is a main cause of foundation cracks.
    • Don’t plaster that crack in your basement wall. While it may appear to be purely cosmetic, a basement wall crack is a sign of more serious foundation problems. Contact a professional to find out for sure. It’ll save you a lot of time and money in the future.
    • Never ignore leaning walls. No, it’s not normal and if you ignore it long enough it could become much more serious over time.
    • If your house or property is built on a slope and seems to be moving or sliding, that’s serious trouble, and it should never be fixed as a DIY project. This calls for a professional. We can help. Don’t let your home be at risk another day.

    A professional foundation inspection can identify the source of cracks in your home and provide a solution. Let MCG Construction Inc. give you peace of mind. Give us a Call Now at 215-380-1572. We service all of Philadelphia, South Philadelphia, Center City Philadelphia, Montgomery County PA and surrounding areas.